Turnkey Charging Solutions
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Overall Lifecycle Cost Reduction Beneifits 

We reduce your overall lifecycle cost with a Patent Pending Single Point Connection system integrated with a structural raceway. This allows for a futureproof platform that enables simple upgrades to larger equipment as well as easy expansion as EV adoption increases. 

Typical "Stick Built Construction" requires multiple runs of underground raceways, as well as trenching to each component in the Charging Station. (We eliminate this!)

DC-America's approach minimizes site disturbance, shortens onsite construction duration, as well as reduces onsite labor cost. Our Structural Raceway System gives the customer the flexibility to easily start with a Level 2 EVSE and scale up to 350 KWH or higher DCFC. Dispenser to Rectifier power and control wiring is complete, commissioned, and function tested prior to delivery.

Typical Stick Built Construction

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Requires multiple runs of underground raceway, multiple ditches and multiple concrete foundations. This construction style results in considerable impact to the overall construction schedule, monopolizes the clients available parking space and hinders the ability for the client to upgrade or expand their system.

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Single Point Connection cabinet (Patent Pending) drastically reduces onsite construction time and cost. By integrating an oversized structural raceway we enable EV Infrastructure Operators the flexibility to upgrade as technology progresses as well as expand as EV adoption increases. Onsite underground disruption is minimal as the majority of underground conduits are eliminated.

Turn Key Offerings

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NEVI Formula Solution

Pre Manufactured NEVI Formula Solution with Future Proof upgradeable capacity built in. Quickest Deployed NEVI Solution on the market. American Made DCFC.


Destination Charging

Premanufactured Destination Charging Solution. Scalable to meet capacity needs. Expandable without further site excavation.


Custom Solutions

Portable Diesel and ES powered charging solutions. Temporary Solutions, quick connected for fast deployment. Energy Storage Integrations.